Greek Bible Student

This utility combines a basic presentation of the Greek New Testament (Westcott & Hort) and the Septuagint Greek Old Testament (Rhalfs), an interactive Lexicon (Liddell & Scott) and a Greek Concordance.  The details are provided in the accompanying description.

Greek & Hebrew Keyboard

In both Windows and OS X, it's relatively easy to add additional languages, including Hebrew and Polytonic Greek.  However, I've always found them a bit fiddly and apt to pop up when least expected.  So, I've developed (and use) a little keyboard application that allows the user to create Greek and/or Hebrew text.  It is emphatically not a word processor (or even a text editor): the idea is that you create specific words or phrases, as required, and then copy and paste the Greek or Hebrew into a competent word processor, such as Word or Pages.

New Testament Usage

I've recently been teaching New Testament Greek to a small group.  I toyed with writing something that would conjugate Greek verbs and decline nouns and adjectives.  However, the task of encoding words to cater for the variations in grammatical idiosyncacies (combined with my inherant laziness) made the task uninviting.  Anyway, there are quite a lot of documents on the web providing the information which were put together by much more capable people than me.

What I decided to do was create something that listed these grammatical structures as they are actually used in the New Testament.  As it turns out, this is quite an interesting exercise in its own right: did you know that the vocative of λόγος, for example, is never used in the New Testament.  NTUsage shows this fact directly.